I am committed to your child’s education and accountable to you. I always keep your child’s learning environment, access to great teachers, safety, and health the focus of my work on the school board.

As a school board we are responsible and committed to fostering a school district that is inclusive, equitable, and focused on empowering children to learn and grow.

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has been among the most difficult periods our school district has faced. All of Merced agreed that safety was paramount and that children need to be in school, but we often struggled as a community to reach consensus on the balance between those two ideals.  I never wavered in putting the needs of children first while listening to guidance from public health officials on the latest safety protocols. Through my board leadership, all MCSD parents can now make the choice between sending their children back to school or continuing with learning at home. I am forever grateful to MCSD’s administration, teachers, and staff for their collaboration on reopening schools so that our children’s education can move forward in the way we all know it should.

You can read news coverage about my leadership on school reopening as your MCSD Trustee by clicking here:

Trustee and parent Shane Smith stands for:

Children First

Our schools have one purpose:  to deliver the education and services that each child needs to thrive. That means putting parents, teachers, and staff in the best possible position to be successful.


Shane will proactively ask for input from parents, teachers, and residents so that our School Board responds to community needs, not checkboxes on the agenda placed in front of them.


Investments in teachers pay dividends.  Science, arts, and language enrichment should not lose out to standardized testing.

Neighborhood Schools.

Our District must plan and prepare for new school construction  to alleviate overcrowding across our District while providing a 21st Century campus to all children regardless of ZIP code. We need kids riding their bikes to class, not being driven across town.


Our community should be able to easily understand where the District spends our money. Parents should not be caught off-guard by school decisions affecting their child’s education.  MCSD made progress on transparency until State mandates altered the playing field during the pandemic.  This must be a point of emphasis in 2022.


A child’s ability to access opportunities and services cannot depend on family resources. We must work to ensure our children receive the best education possible. 


Our schools must work for all kids. That means promoting teacher creativity and investing in staff development so that every child is taught by educators who love their job and are at the top of their game.

Our School District has made significant progress toward achieving these goals.  Much more work needs to be done.  Please contact Shane to ask questions or share your ideas on how we can work together for all kids.